Your first profitable app with
This course aims to give you a practical introduction to building a new
app from scratch using the AppyGEN platform.
We will not go into the technical details of each step, instead we’ll focus
on providing you everything you need to build a profitable wallpaper
app as soon as possible, including some profitable niches we picked
for you and the content you’ll need for each niche.
This course should only take one hour to complete, and by the end of
it, you’ll have your first potentially profitable app as well as a solid
understanding of what goes into building apps with AppyGEN.
Let’s get started!STEP 1
Pick your Niche
One of the most important steps of building a profitable app, is
spending time to research the right niche to target.
We’ve outlined a few methods to do that in the AppyGEN Academy, but
for this course we did the research for you and found a few
interesting niches you can target for your first app.
Pick a niche you like from the list below :

  • Pugs Wallpapers : Pugs have been one of the popular dogs in the
    media for the past years, you’ll be making a wallpaper app for pug
    lovers and owners.
  • Sword Art Online Wallpapers : Sword art online is a popular
    japanese novel series followed by millions of people around the world.
  • Saiyan DBZ Wallpapers : Saiyans are some of the most fictional
    characters in the anime/manga world, originally from the DBZ manga
  • Military Wallpapers : You’ll be making a wallpaper app featuring epic
    images of soldiers and armed forces.
  • Tattoo Designs : You’ll be making a wallpaper app with ideas for
    tattoo designs.
    2019 Update :
    You can now pick a niche from the list of the most profitable apps ever made on AppyGEN.
    Check it out over here : 2
    Create your app project
    Now that you’ve picked a niche to target, it’s time to create the building
    blocks of your app.
  • Sign in to your AppyGEN account.
  • Go to your Apps Page, and click on Create a new app
  • The Wallpaper template is selected by default, scroll down to the
    bottom and click on Next
  • On the next screen, fill the app name field using this formula :
    Example : If you picked the “Pugs Wallpaper” niche, you could use
    one of the following for your app name : “Cute Pugs Wallpapers”,
    “Adorable Pugs Wallpapers”, “Amazing Pugs Wallpapers”…
  • Follow the instructions below the Package Name field to fill it
    correctly. ( Take your time, this is important )
  • Keep the default icon for now and click Next
  • Keep the default colors and click Submit
    Nice work! Your app project should now be created.STEP 3
    Add content to your App
    Content is the backbone of your app, that’s what your users
    downloaded your app for.
    Every template on AppyGEN takes a different type of content, we
    picked the Wallpaper template for this course because it takes simple
    images as content, and there’s plenty of images on the web that you
    can use.
    We will not go over the methods of finding or creating content for your
    apps in this course, you can visit the academy later on for that.
    Instead, here’s a list of specific URLs where you can find ton of images
    to use as content, for each niche.
  • Pugs Wallpapers : Get them from Pixabay ( Free for commercial
    use )
  • Sword Art Online Wallpapers : Get them from DeviantArt ( Fan Art,
    only pick the ones that would look good on a wallpaper )
  • Saiyan DBZ Wallpapers : Get them from DeviantArt ( Fan Art, only
    pick the ones that would look good on a wallpaper )
  • Military Wallpapers : Get them from Pixabay ( Free for commercial
    use )
  • Tattoo Designs : Get them from Pixabay ( Free for commercial use )Based on the niche you picked, go into the provided links above and
    you’ll find plenty of images you can use for your wallpaper app.
    To add content to your app, follow the steps below :
  • On AppyGEN, click the Content button next to your new app
    project, and then click on Add/Edit Content.
  • Open the link containing the images for your niche in a new tab
    from the list above.
  • For every image you like, right click on it, and click on Copy
    Image Address
  • Back on AppyGEN, add the Image link you copied, and paste it
    the Image URL field
  • Repeat the process until you have 20 wallpapers and click Save
    You’ll still be able to add more images later on, even after publishing
    your app. For a first version, 20 wallpapers is more than enough.
    Scroll down to move on to the next step!STEP 4
    Monetize your App
    Monetizing your app basically means adding advertisements to your
    If this is your first time, you’ll need to create your account on Admob
    ( The Advertising Network used on AppyGEN, owned by Google ).
    The process will only take a few minutes of your time and you’ll need it
    for all your upcoming apps, please follow Academy Tutorial to create
    your Admob account and Ad-Units.
    After creating your account, if you are having trouble creating the Ad-
    Units using the instructions from the tutorial, here’s a quick video.
    After completing the tutorial above, you should have Ad-Unit codes for
    your banner and interstitial ads.
  • On AppyGEN, click the Ad Settings button next to your app
  • Paste the Banner Ad-unit code.
  • Paste the Interstitial Ad-unit code.
  • Click on Save Monetization settingsSTEP 5
    Create an Icon for your app
    There are plenty of ways to create a quality icon for your app, once
    again we go through some of them in the academy.
    For this course however, you can just follow the steps below to make an
    icon for your app without spending too much time.
  • Pick an image from the ones you have added to your content, and
    download it to your computer
  • Visit This Icon maker site
  • On the left menu, below the foreground label, click Image
  • Select the image you picked from your content
  • On the left menu, change the value of Padding to – 10
  • On the left menu, scroll down to Scaling and select Crop
  • On the top right of the screen click the blue button to download
    your icon
  • Your icons should now be downloaded, unzip the folder in your
    computer and go into the folder called mipmap-xxxhdpi
  • Your icon is in that folder and should be named “ic_launcher.png”
    copy ic_launcher.png to your desktopYou now have a brand new icon, let’s apply it to your app, follow the
    steps below :
  • Go to your Apps Page, and click on the purple Settings button, on
    the right of your app, and from the dropdown select Edit App
  • Below the App Icon, click choose file and select your new icon
    from your desktop
  • Click the Update App button on the top right of the screen
    Nice work, the hard work is done!
    Time to export the final App, scroll down to the next section.STEP 6
    Export your app
    Right now, your app is broken down into sections ( Settings, Content
    and Monetization ) on the AppyGEN platform.
    It’s time to compile it into a single file that anyone can install on their
    Android phones, this is called an APK file.
    Follow the steps below to export your app’s APK :
  • Go to your Apps Page
  • Click on Export APK
    That’s it! It’ll take around 7 minutes for your APK file to be ready, and
    you can check the time remaining by hovering your mouse cursor over
    the “Export APK” button.
    When your APK is ready, that button will change to a “Download APK”
    button, and you can click it to download your app in APK format.
    Scroll down to the next section to learn what’s next.Your app is ready
    What’s next?
    Nice work, you now have a working app, targeting a profitable niche,
    with some great content, some targeted advertisements, and a custom
    If you have an Android phone, you can test it yourself by sideloading it
    to your phone and installing it. Here’s a Video tutorial
    ( You can skip the part where he downloads an APK from some site,
    you already have your own APK downloaded from AppyGEN )
    Next, it’s time to share your app with the world and make it available to
    billions of android users around the globe through the Google Play
    Visit your dashboard to learn how to do that and the next missions in
    your journey!
    Thank you for reading!
    If you need help with anything, or just want to give us some feedback about the course, please
    drop us an email at
    You can also head over to the Support Forum.



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